C Singh & Son Ltd

“We thought the water on our new farm was good until we started to use it. It was murky yellow & brownie. We knew it wasn’t quite right. We’ve  got a Temple Water Treatment system on another farm we have. We’ve had that since 2002 and we’ve been with Temple Water all that time. So, we got hold of Chris [...]

If you have a traditional sand filter, you need to read this!!!

Have you got one of these on your farm? Is it time for a change? If you’ve got an aerator sand filter on your farm, then you’ll be familiar with manual back washing and regular change out of the media. The aeration process oxidises the soluble iron (Fe) in the bore or ground water, turning it to rust. These rust [...]

Beware the “Off the Shelf” Softener

A softener is designed to reduce hardness in groundwater which is formed by water passing through rock that has deposits of calcium and magnesium. The water dissolves these deposits and carries them in the dissolved form. Here in New Zealand, particularly in rural lifestyle areas, we find “off the shelf” Softeners sold to rural lifestyle customers to remove Iron and [...]

Iron-Master comes to the rescue at Whiripo Farm

Temple Water has recently completed the installation of a customised Iron-Master Water Treatment System at Whiripo Farm, upgrading the water supply being used across the property to clean NZ drinking water standards. When we were first contacted by the farm’s owner, Bryan Kilsby, the bore water was heavily discoloured (high turbidity), creating rust build up in the pipework, rusty water [...]

Water System Keeps Milk Pumping in Gordonton

For a dairy farmer, there’s no more important resource — apart from cows — than water. Plentiful rainfall is needed to keep the grass growing and to replenish aquifers and water quality is vital for stock health and to meet dairy company standards. So farmers Brendon and Ron Van Vugt, who farm 170ha of prime Waikato dairy country at Gordonton, [...]

What about the Manganese?

Lately we've been seeing water treatment systems advertised (often under the banner of "chemical free") for the rural New Zealand market which treat iron contamination but make no mention of addressing manganese. Given the regularity with which we find water sources here containing levels of manganese higher than the NZ Drinking Water Standard of 0.04mg/l, we thought we'd highlight some [...]