Temple Water has recently completed the installation of a customised Iron-Master Water Treatment System at Whiripo Farm, upgrading the water supply being used across the property to clean NZ drinking water standards. When we were first contacted by the farm’s owner, Bryan Kilsby, the bore water was heavily discoloured (high turbidity), creating rust build up in the pipework, rusty water in the washtub and leaving staining behind after washdown. Laboratory and on-site testing confirmed levels of iron and manganese, putting the farm at risk of dairy company exclusion if left untreated.

Our expert team designed and engineered a tailored Iron-Master system for the 450 cow farm that would meet all of the supply requirements including drinking water for the cows, dairy plant washing, washdown water and farmhouses supply. With our CFSX-19S1-36CM3 model, the farm has all its water needs met.

As well as improving the water quality, this new system will cut down on future maintenance costs as the infrastructure issues associated with contaminated water supply no longer remain. With a Temple Water Treatment system in place, an annual maintenance visit from one of our friendly engineers is all that’s required.