“We thought the water on our new farm was good until we started to use it. It was murky yellow & brownie. We knew it wasn’t quite right.

We’ve  got a Temple Water Treatment system on another farm we have. We’ve had that since 2002 and we’ve been with Temple Water all that time.

So, we got hold of Chris & the team at Temple Water.

Kyra came out and did the testing on site and confirmed we’ve got iron & manganese in our water. 

We put in an Iron-Man DTS and it’s working perfectly right .

The invoicing was clear and detailed and everything was right.

QCONZ came and tested the water and now we are clear from water exclusions.

Temple Water’s approach and overall service was very excellent.

I am really impressed with how quickly we got everything up and running.

Our water is now crystal clear, no damage to the brand new plant & health effect for the animals.

Water treatment is something I know nothing about.

Temple Water offers a water quality guarantee and having that guarantee make all the difference, and that’s great.”