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Our approach

Temple Water provides the right water treatment system for you, customised for your farm, lifestyle home, small community or industry to produce clean, clear water to NZ Drinking Water and MAF Dairy standards.

There are over 25,000 private water supplies within New Zealand. Each one has a different water chemistry, range of contaminants and each user has different flow and pressure requirements.

Our treatment systems are scientifically engineered for your specific water, to achieve New Zealand drinking water and dairy company standards, guaranteed.

We have developed seven bore water and five surface water treatment technologies so you get to choose the system that suits you best ‑ best value for water quality, low operating cost, low waste water and environmentally friendly treatment processes.

Our services

  • Treatment systems for dairy farms, poultry growers, horticulturalists, lifestyle properties and small communities
  • Treatment equipment and systems for industrial and commercial water treatment
  • Water testing, on-site testing & treatment trials and consulting services
Our Iron Range of water treatment systems safely and efficiently treat water supplies containing elevated levels of Iron and Manganese. High Iron and Manganese levels are commonly found in New Zealand groundwater and cause a number of problems if left untreated. As well as making water unpalatable to drink, it causes the undesirable rust staining of clothing, plumbing, dairy sheds and surfaces. Over time, the formation of insoluble Iron deposits can lead to blocked pipes and disrupt water usage systems.
Our Rust Range has been designed to deal with water sources containing highly concentrated levels of Iron – up to 150 mg/L. Water with this much Iron can be treated using a settling process, reducing solids before filtration. This type of water composition requires an extremely robust system to treat the heavy loading of rust present, disinfect the water and kill any bacteria.
The Temple Water Purify Range features UV and Ozone water treatment systems, ideal for wash down areas of a farm or within the household. The Purify Range kills contaminants in your water such as Giardia, Ecoli and other bacteria which have the potential to make water users extremely ill. The water treatment systems also reduce any odours, making water drinking a pleasure.
Silt is an extremely fine granular material (mineral origin of quartz and feldspar) which is commonly found to be present in surface waters, causing high levels of turbidity (or cloudiness). Our Silt Range of water treatment systems removes the silt, clay, colour and algae before disinfecting the water, removing harmful bacteria such as giardia and cryptosporidium.