Multi-Klean Plus Systems

  • Multi klean water treatment system

Multi-Klean Plus Systems

Multi-Klean Plus Systems

Rust, Iron Bacteria, Manganese and E. Coli in Bore Waters

Water Softening of Bore Water

Colour, Silt, Turbidity and E. Coli in Surface Waters

  • Multi-function filter system combines filtration, soluble mineral removal and disinfection all in one system
  • Suitable for iron levels to 20 mg/l and manganese to 5 mg/l
  • Suitable for rust and iron bacteria removal
  • Suitable for stream and dam water treatment for dairy plant washing
  • System design to meet your water requirements
  • Ideal application is by treating water to a daily storage tank used for dairy shed wash water and hot water cylinder make-up
  • UV or Chemical disinfection options

Product Description

The Temple Water Purify Range features UV and Ozone water treatment systems, ideal for wash down areas of a farm or within the household. The Purify Range kills contaminants in your water such as Giardia, Ecoli and other bacteria which have the potential to make water users extremely ill. The water treatment systems also reduce any odours, making water drinking a pleasure.