A softener is designed to reduce hardness in groundwater which is formed by water passing through rock that has deposits of calcium and magnesium. The water dissolves these deposits and carries them in the dissolved form.

Here in New Zealand, particularly in rural lifestyle areas, we find “off the shelf” Softeners sold to rural lifestyle customers to remove Iron and Manganese from our bore waters.

While the Softener uses the same ion exchange process to remove the soluble iron (Fe) and soluble manganese (Mn) from the water an iron removal system needs to be engineered differently to a Softener to get the best water quality results and long life of the media.

Here at Temple Water Technologies, we find a lot of lifestyle Softeners that fail in the field because of the lack of technical knowledge about the chemistry of the water, failure to engineer the system properly and the iron and manganese removal process.

For instance, it is common for our customers, using our Iron-Man Treatment System Range (for iron and manganese removal), to still have the same media up to 20 years of continuous use.

Some of the ‘off the shelf’ softener-related disasters we find in the field:

Failed Brine Tank

If your brine tank looks like this, it’s not regenerating your media properly.

Cracked Vessel

If this has happened to your vessel, your system has not been set up correctly.

Abandoned Vessels

Have you given up trying to make your water treatment system work and have a vessel laying out in the paddock like this one?

Temple Water are the bore water experts!

  • We engineer the brine tank specific to each customer requirements.
  • We size the system and program the control valve for your specific requirements.
  • You get longevity with an Iron-Man System for iron and manganese removal.

Some examples of Temple Water lifestyle size Iron-Man STS treatment systems working in the field: