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Temple Water Technologies are the market leaders in water filtration and water treatment solutions. This is because we have over 30 years of experience across New Zealand’s diverse range of water supplies.  Our team apply scientific methods, consequently a Temple Water Technologies system tailored for your water supply will produce clean, clear water. Water guaranteed to New Zealand drinking water and dairy company standards. Because every water supply is different, we’ve developed a range of scientifically engineered treatment systems to deal with the various contaminants found across New Zealand. When we have completing our thorough water testing and analysis process, we ‘ll calibrate a Temple Water Treatment System to your specific water.

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Our Iron Range of water treatment systems safely and efficiently treat water supplies containing elevated levels of Iron and Manganese. High Iron and Manganese levels are commonly found in New Zealand groundwater and cause a number of problems if left untreated. As well as making water unpalatable to drink, it causes the undesirable rust staining of clothing, plumbing, dairy sheds and surfaces. Over time, the formation of insoluble Iron deposits can lead to blocked pipes and disrupt water usage systems.
Our Rust Range has been designed to deal with water sources containing highly concentrated levels of Iron – up to 150 mg/L. Water with this much Iron can be treated using a settling process, reducing solids before filtration. This type of water composition requires an extremely robust system to treat the heavy loading of rust present, disinfect the water and kill any bacteria.
The Temple Water Purify Range features UV and Ozone water treatment systems, ideal for wash down areas of a farm or within the household. The Purify Range kills contaminants in your water such as Giardia, Ecoli and other bacteria which have the potential to make water users extremely ill. The water treatment systems also reduce any odours, making water drinking a pleasure.
Silt is an extremely fine granular material (mineral origin of quartz and feldspar) which is commonly found to be present in surface waters, causing high levels of turbidity (or cloudiness). Our Silt Range of water treatment systems removes the silt, clay, colour and algae before disinfecting the water, removing harmful bacteria such as giardia and cryptosporidium.


“Our old treatment system had outlived its usefulness and was becoming very time consuming. I am very happy with the new Temple Water system. It works perfectly and I’ve heard that this isn’t always the case with other systems. The team are very dedicated to what they do and I don’t think I could have done any better than getting a Temple.”

Mike Coulter, Dairy farmer

“It’s a no-brainer – we now have water that we can see through to the bottom of our troughs and the cows are drinking more and doing better. Temple’s system is going to reduce wear, it will reduce early replacement of plant – it’s a significant improvement
and we’ve been really happy with it since it was put in last winter.”

Brendon Van Vugt, Gordonton dairy farmer

“Temple water installed an Iron-man iron removal system to our bore, we had an old system that was not very good leaving Rust stains and tainted water, now with their system our water is crystal clear and tastes great, we are very happy with their product and service and would highly recommend to anyone”.

Ron Sluiters, Avocado grower

“We’ve  got a Temple Water Treatment system on another farm we have. We’ve had that since 2002 and we’ve been with Temple Water all that time. We put in an Iron-Man DTS on our new farm and it’s working perfectly right . I am really impressed with how quickly we got everything up and running. Our water is now crystal clear, no damage to the brand new plant & health effect for the animals.”

Buta Singh, C Singh & Sons Ltd

“The existing filter system I had for the cow shed had reached it used by date and looked like it would break down at any moment. We decided to treat all the farm water not just the dairy shed water. We can now see to the bottom of the troughs; the water is really clear. They exceeded my expectations. Thanks to the team at Temple Water for a job well done!!”

Lloyd Jones, L J Jones Trust

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