Rust-Klean AFS System

  • Iron removal, oxidised iron removal rust removal system with automatic control

Rust-Klean AFS System

Rust-Klean AFS Chemical Free Filter System

  • Removes rust, soluble iron, manganese and reduces arsenic in bore and well waters
  • Suitable for iron levels to 15 mg/l and manganese to 3 mg/l
  • Lowest running cost on waters with pH above 7.5 and high hardness
  • Treats bore water online from the bore to the storage tank
  • Backwashes automatically based on volume filtered
  • Flow rates from 20 LPM to 1,000+ LPM

Product Description

Our Rust Range has been designed to deal with water sources containing highly concentrated levels of Iron – up to 150 mg/L. Water with this much Iron can be treated using a settling process, reducing solids before filtration. This type of water composition requires an extremely robust system to treat the heavy loading of rust present, disinfect the water and kill any bacteria.