R.O. Treatment

R.O. Treatment

R.O. Treatment for Silica, Sodium, Chloride, Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction

  • Used for treatment of brackish waters (salty)
  • Removes silica. Anti-scaling dosing optional
  • Suitable for horticultural plants sensitive to sodium, chloride, boron. Reduces arsenic and fluoride

U.F. Treatment

  • Polish filtration of surface waters for reduction of turbidity, suspended solids, algae, bacteria and cysts


The Temple Water Purify Range features UV and Ozone water treatment systems, ideal for wash down areas of a farm or within the household. The Purify Range kills contaminants in your water such as Giardia, Ecoli and other bacteria which have the potential to make water users extremely ill. The water treatment systems also reduce any odours, making water drinking a pleasure.